Join us at Poco Diablo Resort in Sedona, Arizona November 18 – 22, 2021

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10am – 4:30pm  ALL DAY INTENSIVES:

  • Komilla Sutton – The Jaimini Astrology Techniques we should all know (PHOENIX ROOM) Sage Jaimini’s techniques are some of the most important ones that help us with chart interpretations and add to our Parashara Jyotisha knowledge. This workshop will cover key techniques Chara karaka, Rashi drishti, Argala, Special Ascendants and Chara Dasha. Chara karaka will focus on Atma, Amatya and other karaka and how to incorporate them in your analysis.  Rashi drishti are sign aspects. Argala means an intervention or a bolt, and it is a concept used to show influence or interference of planets in certain houses on others. Special Ascendants  include Bhava Lagna BL, Hora Lagna HL and Ghatika Lagna GL and Sri Lagna SL.  The most significant sign-based Chara Dasha which is an essential companion to Vimshottari Dasha which is nakshatra and moon based. Komilla will explain these complex techniques in easy and usable ways. 
  • Mas Vidal – The Lagna and Nakshatras: How We Listen, Learn, Love and Let Go! (TUCSON ROOM) Based on the themes of an upcoming book, this intensive will present the four inherent capacities of every individual’s personality as the power to listen, learn, love, and let go and how such qualities can be examined in the Lagna (ascendant) birth chart and nakshatra factors to promote evolutionary living. Are you ready to ask yourself the big question, “Am I evolving? ” The workshop will also introduce personal exploratory exercises, journaling, mantra and meditation, and group activities to promote bringing these four virtues to life. Participants will learn how Jyotish can be used to support evolution and healing and not just interpret the chart as a hopeless fate of events. We will demonstrate how the equinoxes and solstices influence various health and wellness factors as per the wisdom of Ayurveda and how these can be adapted as per the birth chart, Vimshottari Dasha system, sign rulers. Learn how the methods of integral yoga can be applied to promote evolution regardless of the challenges of karma as seen in Saturn’s placement in the birth chart and the moon’s influence on the emotional aspect of the mind. 
  • Alan Annand – Love, Marriage & Sexuality (COTTONWOOD ROOM) For some, love is a many-splendored thing, while for others it’s the heartache of a lifetime. Any astrologer with a few years’ experience knows that the big issues for clients are typically relationships and career, especially the former. Indeed, if you can bring masterful insight and counsel to those two topics alone, you’ll satisfy 90% of most clients’ concerns.
    Although society supports marriage, not everyone is ready to go along for the ride. While some horoscopes reveal wholehearted enthusiasm for falling in love and tying the knot, others are ambivalent, and prefer to keep their options open… sometimes forever. Even for those inclined to bond, astrological caveats and guidelines dictate the nature of the prospective union.
    Knowing who is marriage material and who’s not, and under what conditions such unions are fulfilled, is the astrologer’s contribution to a client’s happiness and/or peace of mind, whether in pursuit of love and marriage, or in resignation to its poor prognosis.
    Regardless of whether a client is committed to their freedom or their marriage, the topic of sexuality is often the elephant in the room. Everyone’s thinking about it, but no one’s talking about it. Classic jyotish texts often offer only cryptic allusions to sex, leaving it to gurus and teachers to un-zip shastra and reveal what’s going on between Mars and Venus.
    In every relationship, the Self pursues its own dharma, while the Other is an agent of kama, the pleasure of another’s company. In a sexual relationship, both partners seek moksha via catharsis, liberation, and the release of emotions or sensations that border on ecstasy. Thus, is erected a tripod of key bhavas upon which sexual relationships are mounted.
    Passions may run the gamut from platonic infatuation to full-bore licentiousness, and everything in between. In the horoscope, some planets fan the flames of sexuality, while others pour a bucket of frigid water onto the fire. As in so much of jyotish, the Devil is in the details of Ms. Jones’s horoscope.
    This intensive will tear away the veil that has previously shrouded the topic of love and sexuality in jyotish. Just as your first sexual experience irrevocably changed your view of life, you’ll never look at a horoscope the same way again.

10am – 12:30pm  LECTURE:

  • Swami Sankarananda – The Yoga of Discernment (SEDONA ROOM) “Brahma satya jagat mithya, jivo brahmaiva naparah” summarizes the teaching of the great Yogi Adi Shankaracharya. It means that Brahman (the Ultimate Reality) is the only truth, the world is illusory, and there is ultimately no difference between the individual Self and the Brahman.The Yoga Masters tell us that what we commonly think of as Yoga, including Asanas, Pranayama, Bandhas, Kriyas and such, are not Yoga at all, but rather preparation for Yoga. Yoga is not other than union with the highest, called also Self Realization (realizing one’s own true nature), God Realization (realizing that “I and the Father are one”) or Moksha (liberation). Yoga is achieved through following one or more of the various Margas, or paths, within the science of Yoga philosophy and practice. Jnana Marga is the path of Self knowledge, its philosophy and practice give guidance and tools by which one may peel away layer upon layer of delusive identification and ideas, arriving finally at direct experience of the mystical answer to the question, “who am I? “This path is followed with purified discernment – Viveka – in a step by step process of seeing through our experience, discerning that which is unreal and that which is Real.In this workshop we will explore both philosophy and practice of Jnana Marga using the text “Drg Drishya Viveka”, or “Discernment between the Seer and the Seen” by Shankaracharya. We will take a beautiful deep dive into the philosophy and you will have an opportunity to practice this discernment yourself, we will also practice Vedantic Meditation together. The only prerequisite for the workshop is an open mind and willingness to let some preconceived notions be destroyed as we explore the nature of Self.

2pm – 4:30pm  LECTURE:

  • Joey Bujold – Yoga Nidra (SEDONA ROOM) This workshop will include an overview of the ancient practice of Yoga Nīdra, the yogic science of progressive relaxation wherein one attains a goal of bodily rest, while the mind remains awake and aware. In this state, one is able to better perceive subtle energies, and infuse their lives with healing intentions (called Sankalpa, in Sanskrit). Yoga Nīdra is performed while completely in śavāsana (corpse pose). No prior training in meditation or yoga is necessary, although Yoga Nīdra can work in conjunction with other meditation practices to deepen them. For maximum comfort during this practice, please wear loose fitting clothing, and bring a yoga mat, blanket and pillow, if possible.


  • Charlotte Benson and Ramdas Bill Sinclair – Introduction to Jyotish (PHOENIX ROOM) Charlotte and Bill will provide a view of the fundamentals of the celestial Science of Light. We’ll take a look at the origins of Jyotish and certain philosophical tenants of the tradition. The essential meanings of the planets; houses; aspects/yogas; the 27 nakshatras; planetary friendships and strengths; dasa periods; divisional charts; prasna; muhurta; planetary remedies – and whatever else we have time for – will be offered. Come and learn how to get started improving your life and Self-awareness, using the tools of the ultimate Life-Hack app – Jyotisha! 
  • Pundit Samavedula – Unfolding the Secrets of Dasha Mahavidya Sadhanas (TUCSON ROOM) In Tantra, worship of Devi-Shakti is referred to as a Vidya. Of the hundreds of Tantrik practices, the worship of the ten major Devis is called the Dasa Mahavidya. These major forms of the Goddess are described in the Todala Tantra. In this class we will learn about these Maha vidyas and their sadhana and mantra.
  • Laura Harness – Exploring Sedona’s Sacred Landscapes (COTTONWOOD ROOM) This presentation is designed to inspire your spiritual adventures in Sedona! You will learn about the vortexes and power places which correspond with Native American mythology, Vedic wisdom and the seven chakras to give you a deeper understanding of Sedona’s mysteries and magic. Maps will be provided along with suggestions on how to align with the unique energy of each site with intention, meditation, mantra and ceremony.

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FRIDAY 11/19

10am – 4:30pm  ALL DAY INTENSIVES:

  • Dr. David Frawley – Vedic and Yogic Secrets of the Nakshatras: Deities, Energetics, Mantras (PHOENIX ROOM) We will examine all 27 Nakshatras, providing special keys to their symbolism and meaning, notably at psychological and yogic levels. This will follow Vedic and Puranic texts, traditional Jyotish, and with reference to astronomical positions. It will bring in mantras, festivals and the Panchanga. Will include information not available in published books from my decades of Sanskrit research, including Vedic secrets and teachings of our gurus. Yogini Shambhavi will present her views and share the insights of her experience. The class will expand your field of knowledge and connections with the Nakshatras, removing misconceptions and making clear their deeper meanings. We will have time for your questions as well.
  • Barry Rosen – Money Karma and Personal Finance: Understanding Money Challenges and Remedies (TUCSON ROOM) With 34 years of experience in Financial astrology, Barry Rosen offers insights into  good and bad times in one’s chart looking at all the houses connected to personal finance and offering remedies to healing money karma with tithing, mantras, visualizations and other remedies.  He will also bring in the insights from the  great money Gurus like Catherine Ponder and Deepak Chopra and Rev. Ike to  and integrate basic principles of success with prosperity  with how it shows up in people’s chart and how it can be released.   Many aspects of finance will be discussed including savings, income, real estate, investment and he will touch on how the Yogi Point, the Part of Fortune and other secret points in the chart can trigger sudden gains.   If time permits, he will  show how to pick stock sectors based on the transits of Rahu, Ketu, Saturn and Jupiter.  The entire focus on the intensive is on practical skills and remedies to increase prosperity.
  • Joni Patry – World Predictions For 2021-2026  (COTTONWOOD ROOM) The next five years is monumental for transformational changes. The planetary cycles, aspects, stations, and eclipses for the next five years will reveal the trends and changes to come. We will cover the transition from year to year and how to predict from the large cycles to personal cycles of planetary alignments. Most of all, we will discuss how we can prepare for these changing times.
  • Ananda Yogiji – Oh My Gods… A Devotional Exploration of the Deities of the Vedic/Yogic Tradition (SEDONA ROOM) Join Ananda Yogiji for a life enriching intensive on the deities of the vedic/yogic tradition. He will share some of the most potent practices and wisdom teachings they have learned over their many years of dedication and devotion to these deities. The intensive will be split between lecture and embodying yogic practices such as kirtan (devotional mantra singing), meditation, mantra recitation, kriyas, and visualizations. Come ready to awaken, explore, learn, open and embody our connection to the Gods and how we relate to ourselves and our own personal journey.



7pm – 8pm

  • Pundit Samavedula – Navagraha Puja

8pm – 8:30pm

  • Dennis M. Harness Ph.D. – Welcome & Introductions of Faculty

8:30pm – 9:30pm

  • Dr. David Frawley and Shambhavi Chopra– Counseling, Predictive and Advisory Models: Assessing the Karma of Both the Client and the Astrologer. The talk will address the karmic implications of being a Vedic astrologer. There is a tremendous karmic responsibility in giving chart readings. We can greatly help others with good advice but can mislead them if our advice is not accurate, or if we try to make decisions for them. While it is helpful to indicate general trends, to predict specific events has karmic risks for both the client and the astrologer. We should also not promise too much through gems and other upayas as this has its karmic downside as well. We should function as helpful friends and counselors, encouraging karmic responsibility and sattvic living.

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10am – 12:30pm  LECTURES:

  • Joni Patry – The Outer Planets: Events and People That Changed the World Forever! (PHOENIX ROOM) The outer planets condition the world from the collective unconscious of humanity. This affects generations and world events. Individuals who have outer planets closely conjunct a personal planet have a certain mission to transform the world. They are remembered beyond their grave changing the world forever. We will discuss the charts of these legendary people and how the outer planets played a part in their lives and world events.
  • Ksanati Nakshatra – How to Improve Our Planetary Karma with Rahu and Ketu: A Nakshatra Based Approach (TUCSON ROOM) In How to Improve Our Planetary Karma with Rahu and Ketu: A Nakṣatra Based Approach, we will discuss the karmic nature of the lunar nodes in comprehensive detail. We will dive deep into understanding Rahu and Ketu’s current transit, and also the impact of future nodal shifts. Then we will go through every Nakṣatra, Bhava, and Rashi to understand how Rahu and Ketu will act uniquely dependent on dignity and position. We will look at many powerful Rahu and Ketu case studies, and through understanding the complex manifestation of Rahu and Ketu karma in various Nakṣatra we can then provide specific, and profoundly effective remedy. Ancient, Nakṣatra specific, Ayurvedic, and contemporary lifestyle remedies to improve our karma with Rahu and Ketu will be systematically specified. Therefore, we will understand on all levels what we can do to improve our planetary karma with Rahu and Ketu, in each and every position.
  • Alan Annand – Yogas of Reversal (COTTONWOOD ROOM) One of the ironic notions in jyotish is the idea that something wrong can turn out so right. In this lecture, Alan deconstructs two common planetary yogas wherein normal expectations are turned completely on their heads, so long as qualifying conditions are fulfilled.Neechabhanga Raja yoga originates with a rashi condition, wherein a debilitated planet is “relieved” by one, two or three other planets. Courtesy of their house placement and avasthas, any of these three may compensate for the original planet’s debilitation and render positive results, typically under a dasha/bhukti period involving the debilitated planet and one of the relieving planets.Viparita Raja yoga, on the other hand, originates with a bhava condition, wherein one or more trik lords occupy other trikasthanas not their own, and achieve positive avasthas. A second variety of Viparita arises when two or more trik lords are in sambandha in any house(s), without imposing collateral damage on any non-trik lord.Clear guidelines on how to identify/qualify these yogas, as well as abundant chart examples, will reveal powerful techniques via which to assess these common but confounding yogas.

2pm – 4:30pm  LECTURES:

  • Shambhavi Chopra – Jyotish and the Yoga Shakti: Secrets of Inner Transformation Through the Planets  (PHOENIX ROOM) The planets have their respective energies or Shaktis which are reflected in Yoga Sadhana, its mantras, rituals and practices, and are also part of astrological upayas. The ultimate goal of Vedic astrology is to function as a Yoga of Time (Kala Yoga) to help us understand the movement of time, life and karma which are all interdependent. For this we must connect to the cosmic intelligence (Devatas) behind the planets, which guide the universal movement. Yogini Shambhavi will share these teachings in her program, adding a deeper dimension to your astrological considerations.
  • Andrew Dutta, Ph.D. & Simon Chokoisky – How to Use Rudrakshas and Yantras to Remedy Everyday Problems (TUCSON ROOM) Learn the characteristics of the different Rudraksha faces and how to use them correctly. Learn the difference between “Fate” and “Destiny” and when to apply different levels of remedy, from Mantras, to Gemstones, Yantras, and Rudrakshas. Practical examples given from Dr. Dutta’s experience and family history that covers over 200 years of  remedial practice. 
  • Mas Vidal – Yoga, Ayurveda and the Evolution Revolution (COTTONWOOD ROOM) For almost two millennia the moon’s importance has been regarded as insubstantial to human life as a result of politics, religion, and the greed of emperors, kings, and queens. Evidently, humanity and nature appear devasted enough as a result of a world dominated by solar societies, patriarchy, and religious dogma. The solar calendar’s influence on global societies cannot be underestimated and the role of astrology can longer be ignored and viewed as secondary to science. Let us celebrate the importance of the moon and its capacity in promoting physical healing and spiritual advancement. Mas will share his views indicating that we are at the dawn of an Evolution Revolution that has spawned as a result of the recent scientific revolution. Discover how lifestyle is becoming the New religion and how the rise of India’s soft power culture is leading the entire world towards positive change. The lecture will end with a book signing event from the lecturer’s New book titled “Yoga, Ayurveda and the Evolution Revolution”.
  • Dr. Manoj Chalam – Dealing with Karmic Whac-A-Mol with Hindu/Buddist Archetypes (SEDONA ROOM) In this entertaining workshop, Manoj (people call him a humorous spiritual story teller) will take us through our Hero’s journey with Hindu/Buddhist deity archetypes and how they help us deal with Karmic issues in life. By dancing with the Shiva-Shakti archetype, can we take personal responsibility and resolve for our karmic issues such as abundance, health, professional and relationships. We will kayak the collective unconscious for these Jungian archetypical deities. By learning to be with our “issues”, we can bring more healing and expansiveness in our lives. We will use mythology, archetypical explorations, meditations and mantras to bring out our inner Guru and shed what doesn’t serve us. 


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SUNDAY 11/21

7am – 8:30pm  YOGA:

  • Matteo Zacchino – Modern Day Surya Kriya Sadhana (SEDONA ROOM) In this 90′ yoga class, we will explore the deeper meanings of the Sun Salutations, its ancient traditions, origins, intended uses, benefits, and evolution through the years. But more importantly, we will discover how to use them so to unlock our divine potential, reclaim lost energy & to take control of our life. To better emphasize the transformative powers of this practice, and to honor its origins as the fundamental structure of popular vinyasa, we will break it all down into three main layers: Body, Mind and Spirit

10am – 12:30pm  LECTURES:

  • Komilla Sutton – Surya, The Sun in Jyotish (PHOENIX ROOM) Surya, the Sun, is a key planet in Jyotish, it is the natural atmakaraka, it deals with health, wealth and prosperity. The strength of the Sun defines the whole chart. We can study the spiritual Sun or the more materialistic, commanding Sun. There are twelves faces of the Sun known as the Twelve Adityas. Sun is the monthly clock on which all transits are activated. How the Sun is used in the spiritual life and daily working with the Sun energy helps us strengthen ourselves. Sun is regarded a the living god – knowing the daily sunrise time and being one with its energy also helps in the overall health. Komilla will cover the whole gamut of Surya qualities and will also give remedies to deal with the Sun.
  • Sam Geppi – Yoga, Vedic Astrology and the path of Self-Discovery (TUCSON ROOM) So many now are using Vedic astrology as a way to practice a sort of diluted “Pop-psychology”, with an “Indian spin”. This is a wasted opportunity. In this class, Sam Geppi, author of “Yoga and Vedic astrology”, will unfold the deep Indian frameworks that underpin Vedic astrology. Sanatana dharma, Karma, Bhagavad Gita, Yoga Sutras, Sankya Philosophy (Gunas, elements, Indriyas), and much more will be condensed and focused on the most important astrological indicators (Planets, Signs and Houses). You must understand these Indian frameworks and principles before you can effectively understand yourself or counsel people using the Vedic astrology chart. There will be many case studies and quotes from the source texts provided.
  • Eve Mendoza – Yoga of Chandra Graha (COTTONWOOD ROOM) Some of you may have heard, “Chandra Graha has no enemies” quoted by our classics. Chandra Graha has no bias towards any life experience and all life experience is contained within him. As the pure manifestation of reflective and receptive intelligence, whether the experience is high or low, bad or good, the illumined Chandra gives no resistance to that. Uccha or Neecha, on a throne or in a grass hut, honored or shamed, the pure Sattva of Chandra Graha will always adorn the head of Mahadeva Shiva in tranquility. He may be aware of suffering Shani or the unstable dynamic of Rahu and still remain pure if he recognizes that he is all the time resting on the head of Mahadeva Shiva. This awareness is never corrupted, no matter what this awareness witnesses. The humility, the grace and poise to meet life’s challenges with this understanding is the true wisdom of Chandra Graha if we listen. If we are able to hear our own wellspring of wisdom, our expectations of what life should be are our biggest distractions from peace of mind. No amount of waxing and waning can truly contaminate pure awareness. A well of compassion is born from this understanding and judgement towards life dissolves. The Maratha Sant Tukaram, who suffered immense material misfortune but became Guru to Chhatrapati Shivaji said, “Forget the body like one absorbed in music. Like an upward moving fountain, rise. Entertain no idea whatsoever except a single one; Hari.”   Chandra Graha as Janma Nakṣatra determines the Nakṣatra Dasha timing (Chandra is not just mood or personality, though Chandra is a key influence upon what we feel). Chandra Graha has an important role to determine the timing of the release of concrete karmas in our life.  According to this tāl, one after another event is born into our lives. To flow with this rhythm the great Vedic Rishis have provided tools for us to wake up from the dream of the surface waves of life and dive deep into the stillness of the Ocean. There are secrets to this in every art form of ancient India including the 108 Karanas of Lord Shiva in the Tandava Lakshana of Natya Shastra which were designed to awaken the subtle perception of the viewer (not simply to thrill or entertain as modern art). Each one of these postures are an invocation to the awakening of the hidden energies that Naṭarāja, Adi Yogi Shiva has given to us. Each Karana is also connected with a Nakṣatra pada, a mood of Lord Shiva. Join me to experience the unique expressions of Chandra Graha related to your specific chart without terminology of auspicious or inauspicious. Let’s explore the relationship of Chandra Graha with Surya Deva, Rahu and Ketu Graha and how we can utilize the simplistic tools of the various Yogas (some less explored such as yogabīja, gheraṇḍasaṁhitā and śivasaṃhitā, etc) to go below the surface and touch deeper peace amongst the turbulence of life. 

2pm – 4:30pm  LECTURES:

  • Dr. David Frawley – Ayurvedic Astrology: Ayurveda and Vedic Medical Astrology for Body, Mind and Prana (PHOENIX ROOM) Ayurveda is the most important of the Upavedas used to expand the Vedic knowledge to right living and healing of body and mind. Vedic astrology is the most important of the limbs of the Vedas (Vedangas) to help us apply and understand the factors of timing and karma. Taken together they enhance each other. We will explore the planets, signs and houses and the determinative factors of Ayurveda relative to doshas, pranas and gunas, looking at body and mind, and all the five koshas or sheaths of the embodied soul, and how these can be viewed in the chart.
  • Moses Siregar – Holistic Locational Astrology (TUCSON ROOM) Moses Siregar’s Holistic Astrology is an exciting and learnable 21st-century fusion of Western, Vedic, and Locational astrology, after 27 years of astrological and spiritual practice and deep research in locational astrology based on his studies of thousands of clients and tens of thousands of biographical locations. Come and learn some of the most simple methods that can be used, even with a particular focus on the sidereal zodiac, to gain clear insight into the impact of location on a person’s life.
  • Panelists: Freedom Cole, Dr. Dennis Harness (PhD), and Sam Geppi – Jyotish and Professional Ethics – Relationship Astrology and Moral Responsibilities of the Vedic Astrologer (COTTONWOOD ROOM) Nītiśāstra encompasses the philosophical branch of ethics and moral responsibilities from the Vedic viewpoint. Its ultimate aim is to promote societal well-being and balance. In this engaging and informative panel, the panelists will examine Nītiśāstra specifically within the context of its use in Jyotiṣa through the lens of relationship astrology. The panelists will discuss various complicated ethical scenarios which professional Astrologers may face in their consulting fields, and review their best practices which aid in maintaining a high level of integrity within Vedic Astrology. Scenarios discussed will include: -Ethical and moral obligations of the astrologer in discussing relationship compatibility points with clients.-Ethical responsibilities of the astrologer in delivering counsel with life changing impacts (like clients wanting to break their marriage). -What is the moral and ethical obligation of the astrologer in situations where there is evidence of abuse or extramarital affairs? -To what extent should an astrologer disclose information about their relationship partners (either consenting or non-consenting)?

7:00pm – 9:00pm  MUSICAL CONCERT:

  • Kirtonica with Ananda Yogiji (PHOENIX/TUCSON ROOM)
  • Zeffi Kafala – Shukra (Venus) (COTTONWOOD ROOM) Explore the cross cultural relationship between Venus as represented as Shukra in Hindu Mythology and Aphrodite in Greek Mythology. Zeffi will also discuss Venus exalted in Pisces in her Eighth House and its relationship to her current Venus Dasha.

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MONDAY 11/22

10am – 4:30pm  ALL DAY INTENSIVES:

  • Simon Chokoisky & Andrew Dutta, Ph.D. – KP Techniques for Every Astrologer: How to Spot Career, Marriage and Personality (PHOENIX ROOM) Simon and Andrew will teach simple but powerful methods to help you grasp a person’s career, personality, and even the nature of their spouse quickly and easily from the horoscope. No prior KP knowledge required- this one-day seminar will teach you three previously “secret” methods for determining the characteristics of the houses, with special emphasis on Career, Relationships and Personality. Once mastered, they can be used to decipher any topic, from Education to Children, Health and Longevity. You will leave this seminar with practical skills useful on day one. Lots of bonus material and handouts included. 
  • Sam Geppi – The Cosmic Sky, Nakshatras and Your Astrological “Hero’s Journey” (TUCSON ROOM) Everyone is an embodiment of cosmic energy. But how do we access and focus those energies and live up to our soul’s “Heroic Journey”? In this workshop, we will focus on the five most important chart factors and their Nakshatra stories, in order to weave together your “Hero’s Journey”, and see that heroism in your clients as well. All 27 Nakshatras will be discussed as well as their alignment to the Rashis, the Zodiac (per all the Indian Astrology texts), the dasas, the five most important chart factors and much more. The ascendant, ascendant lord, Sun, Moon and Atma Karaka will be explained and delineated as the most important spiritualizing factors. Then, a means of interpretation and weaving together these factors will be given, so you can understand your journey better and begin doing these “Hero’s Journey” readings for your clients!
  • Jeffrey Armstrong – The Jyotish Bhagavad Gita: The Vedic Philosophical Basis of Jyotish (COTTONWOOD ROOM) The Bhagavad Gita is one of the pivotal Vedic texts that contains many references to yogic processes and subjects that are the philosophical basis of Jyotish. Jyotish is known in Sanskrit as a Vedanga, meaning it is considered to be one of the six essential limbs of the Veda.For your convenience, Jeffrey has extracted the pivotal verses from the Bhagavad Gita that are essential to the philosophical understanding and practice of Jyotish. The Vedic subjects of the gunas, karma, doshas, yajna, vrittis, samsara, the essential forms of yoga, prakriti, Brahman, Svarga Loka, devas and devis, manas, samskaras, yuga cycles, deva and asura, atma, dharma, Paramatma, avatar, dasendriyas, kala, varna,  Purusha and prakriti, kama, buddhi, ritam, tapasya, shraddha, and yantra will all be explained and why this understanding is so important. **The Bhagavad Gita Comes Alive is the first decolonized Gita in the world right now – #1 on Amazon, acclaimed as a “masterpiece” and a “must read” version.